Some things that books have taught me.

I.Love.Books. I just love reading. I am a full on bookworm and it’s just something that I have been doing since i was like 5 years old. Books are the real deal for me. I can escape reality with a really good book. I mean my type of chill day is staying at home, with a good book, so many snacks,in your pajamas and just reading as much as i can. Reading for me is kind of a cooping mechanism like i can escape anything bad happening in this world by just immersing myself in a good book. Sometimes my closest friends literally get shocked at the amount of books i can read or how fast i can finish reading. I cannot explain how happy reading makes me. I believe that every book you read, somehow, has something that you can learn from. Even if it is just one character or just a chapter, but it has something to learn from if you look really hard. So i am going to tell you some of the things i have learnt from some of the books i have read.

My all time favorite book is of course hands down the Harry Potter series. I mean that book has been with me in my teenage years and it has helped me a lot. Like so much. It has taught me so many invaluable lessons. The characters just have taught me a lot. Like Harry, I can learn bravery from him, risking my life for people’s safety and to fight against all evils no matter how big or small it is or how big or small you are. Severus Snape teaches me that you can love a person with all your heart even thought you two cannot be together, like the love can exist even if the person you love cannot exist with you. You can love someone from afar and give up your whole life for them.Luna taught me to accept my weirdness and be who I am fearlessly because people will judge me no matter what, so why not be myself? Hermione taught me that it’s okay to be smarter than everyone. It’s not a big deal and she shows me that sometimes, one can fight using their intelligence not necessarily their bodily strength.Ginny teaches me to fight and stand up against people if they are wrong fearlessly. Voldermort teaches me that love is an important thing somehow, because when you lack love you can do terrible things because you never understood it. And i cannot tell you the countless things that Dumbledore has taught me.

Another book that I love is The mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It is a really good book and the characters are just perfectly placed. some things that I have learnt from it is that sometimes the people you love the most, can be the cause for your destruction just like valentine and Sebastian. Clary again teaches me to fight even if it is against your own blood, your own family. Jace teaches me that a boy can be fragile and there is nothing wrong¬†in that. Simon teaches me that sometimes, even if you want things to work out so badly, if they are just not meant to be then they will never work out no matter how much you love that person just like he loved Clary. Somehow this book does teach me that “to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed”

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Gosh! the intensity in that book is over whelming. Katnis giirrllll has taught me that if you love a person deep enough you are willing to give up even your life without thinking twice. Peeta has taught me that sometimes, even if a person has had no colors in their life, sometimes they can end up adding colors to other people’s lives. Gale taught be that sometimes you cannot love a person enough to make them stay, so you just let them go.

These are not the only things that I have learnt from these books, there are many things but i just want to try to make this blog as short as possible. It took me all my will power to stop typing away because well, it would be long then. But i will try to make a part two on it because Harry Potter is just phenomenal, wonderful and every good word. (P.S; I’m a slytherin by the way, comment your house below!) There are many other books that i will mention in another blog post. Comment down below some of the things you have learnt from any books that you have read. But the book that has stuck with me till now and i know will forever stick with me is Harry Potter.


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