Walk away.

Listen, there are often times where we want to stay but walking away would be the best decision to make, walking away could be good for you or for the person you’re walking away from and it takes a lot of courage I won’t lie, but sometimes, you have to do it.

Walk away when you have to beg for attention from a person from whom attention should flow naturally. Walk away when they fail to notice the little things that they are supposed to notice without you even having to tell them, walk away when they leave you all alone to deal with things when clearly you two are supposed to be dealing with it as a team. Walk away and don’t you feel guilty.

Walk away when being with that person brings you nothing but hurt and pain. When they make you question everything about yourself, when they are the reason that you lay awake at night staring at your ceiling wondering if you are ever going to be enough for them, remember a person who loves you should never make you feel that way and when they do, you need to walk away.

Walk away when you are the reason for someone hurting. When you are bringing pain to someone with your actions or words and you refuse to change them then walk away instead of putting them through so much pain and trouble. You either change and own up to it, or you walk away and cut the suffering of that person. I know maybe that person loves you so much that if you walk away it will hurt them, but then they will heal after a while rather than you staying and causing pain all the time without giving them time to heal or allowing them to heal. Walk away if you really care for that person.

Walk away when you have to second guess your place in someone’s life all the single time. Don’t stay and hold on when you are nothing but an option to them while they are your priority all the time. Walk away when they make you feel bad about yourself and treat you like shit all the time. Remember, real friends and lovers never do that. Never. So walk away instead of inflicting pain on yourself and second guessing everything.

Walk away when being with someone does not benefit you in any way i.e they do not make you happy, most of the time they just talk about things that are not even relevant like you cannot hold an informed or intellectual discussion with them from time to time, when they just dwell on negativity all the time, when they do not add anything to your life but misery and when they just use you all the time. Don’t stick around and waste your time just let them go and walk away.

Finally, walk away from someone who is toxic to you and your mental health and well-being. They are like poison that will not let you live your life and they will just choke you all the time. Anyone who does not bring you happiness is a waste of time. So do yourself a favor and walk away because they do not deserve a ray of sunshine like you, and when you are reason for taking away people’s happiness and you know you are the dark cloud in people’s lives, then please, walk away and do them a favor by unblocking their path and letting a ray of sunshine fall on them. And don’t feel guilty for walking away from people who do not deserve you or who you do not deserve because your happiness matters and it is their problem not yours, for treating you the way they did.


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