My aesthetics.

Sitting by the sea-shore listening to the waves as they crash. The smell of the sea and the warmth of the sun on my neck and back. The feel of the sand as it sifts through my fingers, the feel of the wind and it scatters my hair and hits my face.

The smell of coffee in the morning, the sun rising and the noises of traffic in the street. The feel of cold water on your face or body as you shower.

The smell of a new book or an old book ( I love smelling books,both new and old, is that weird? do you do that too?), the sound of pages of a book as you turn it. The feeling of loosing tack of time or surrounding because of a really engrossing book. The happy feeling when the book you have been waiting for finally arrives in the mail. The feeling when you buy a new book and can’t wait to open it and read it immediately.

The feeling of meeting an old friend after a very long time and finding out that nothing has changed. The feeling when the stuff you ordered online finally arrives and you can’t wait to try it. The feeling of taking the first bite of food after a very long tiring day. The feeling of getting an iced drink in the summer. The smell of grass in the evening.

The smell of wet soil after it rains. The feeling of dancing in the rain alone or with a beloved. The feeling of sitting on your window sill, as it rains, with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands and watching the rain as it falls. The smell of new sheets on your bed. The feeling of laying down in your bed after a long day. The happy feeling you get when someone you love texts you to check up on you.

The smell and feel of chocolate or cake or both. The feeling when you hear an old song and  the lyrics just pour out without you even trying to remember. The feeling of discovering a new song or a new artist and falling in love with their music already. The feeling of having the time of your life with your friends.

The feeling of being over your past and letting go of things that don’t matter anymore, letting go of people who hurt you and forgiving yourself and them for whatever they did to you. The feeling you get when your make-up is on fleek. The feeling of taking an exceptionally good picture or selfie. The sounds of a type writers keys or someone typing or you typing away because you got a good idea. The feeling you get when you are thankful for everything you have in your life at that moment. The light feeling you have after a really long cry because you let it all out.

Finally, the feeling of moving on and never looking at your past with tears in your eyes, rather, looking at it with a smile on your face because of the lessons it taught you.


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