Today I’m writing something that came to my mind as I thought of all the times i thought i was inadequate.

She, look at her, not only her beauty and grace, look at her soul. Look at her scars that she tries to hide so well,look beyond the wall that she built so high after he left her gasping for air. Look. Isn’t she a masterpiece? If you are weak hearted and don’t live for passion, then don’t bother to even glance at her. She is like a hurricane, a tornado of destruction . She is the healing touch after a disaster, maybe she is disaster itself. She holds galaxies within her soul and thunder in her bones. Her mind is a whirlwind of storms, a chaos of so many thoughts. Look at her, she looks so confident doesn’t she? Look at her standing there, looking like she don’t care about anything. Looking like she got everything together, looking like she don’t need anybody. I know you’re afraid to approach her, she looks so dangerous doesn’t she? Walls built so high. But then, you’re only looking at her. Not actually seeing her. Look closer, look at the tension set in her shoulders, she’s not as confident as she looks. Look at her eyes, you’ll see her broken, shattered soul. You’ll see that she is not as sure of herself as she seems to be. Look at her hands, constantly folding and unfolding because she is anxious. Look at her take a deep breath and try to calm herself down while she thinks no one is watching. Look at her struggling to breathe because the shards of her broken heart are piercing tonight. She is fire and ice all at once. her warmth will heal you while her coldness will leave you shivering on the floor. she is wilderness and home all at once. One minute she will make you feel like an adventure and take you on a wild ride and the next minute she will make you feel so safe that you wouldn’t want to leave. She can build countless of homes but leave destruction on the path she walks if she sees that she is being dealt with unfairly. To the outside world, she might look so dangerous, perfect, deadly and warm. But you are a lucky man/person, if she shows you her scars. And when she does, don’t run away, because that will only make her colder, pull her close to you and let her breathe freely for once, because it means that she has found home in your arms. Pass your hand over her scars and heal them. Take her broken pieces and help her fix them again. Make her whole again. Give her the healing touch that she gives everyone. She needs it too. Put the thunder in her to rest. Help her do that and do not for one second think that she needs you to be happy or whole again, just help her, because she does not need you to handle her, she can do that by herself all right, all she needs is the love she gives out without it coming back to her. Make her the center of your universe and watch her paint it in colors and rainbows. Don’t for once think she depends on you, she handles herself well without you, all she needs is your companionship.Because sometimes, even the bravest of them all need person a they can call home.


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