This is an open letter to anyone who is suffering or has suffered due to a heartbreak.

Dear you,

I know right now you’re probably lying on your bed staring at the ceiling dry-eyed or tears rolling your cheeks, because that one person that you would give up anything for just left you, in pieces, broken and hurting. You shouted yourself hoarse trying to ask them to stay, you ran after them, trying to stop them but they did not listen to you, they just walked away, throwing away your love like it’s some kind of a thing that is supposed to be used. You tried to call them but they never picked up your call and maybe even blocked you off. You tried to reach out to them in any way but your hand was left grasping in the dark empty space they left behind. And now you’re sitting in the corner, desperately trying to find something that will ease or numb the pain because it is driving you mad. It’s 3 AM and you can’t sleep, all you can think of is “where did I go wrong?” When they left, you could physically feel your heart breaking and now that you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling, you can ¬†feel the shards of your broken heart piercing you as you try so hard to breathe. You can physically feel the pain, you can taste it on your tongue. You put your arms around yourself trying to hold yourself together because you are breaking apart slowly. Your world looks so dim because the bright light is gone or so you think. You try to go out and interact as a way or diverting your mind but you can’t. Going out only makes things worse because now you can see that they have moved on so fast and it’s only been a month, you can see them happy with another person and it’s killing you, slowly killing you. You rush home, trying to control your tears, trying to hold yourself together only until you reach your doorstep and sit down and let out that heart wrenching sob that no one can hear. Slowly the months pass, and you pick yourself up again, put your pieces back together, get your life back on track. It doesn’t hurt as much now. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking of them and your heart tightens for a bit, but you busy yourself and it gets pushed to the back of your mind. With time, the wound grows a tissue over it, and fades. It doesn’t disappear, no, it fades, a scar is always there to remind you of the past. But don’t you see what you’ve done here? You survived. You taught yourself survival. No they did not teach you that, you taught yourself. You picked up your pieces, you put them back together, you became whole again on your own, you held yourself together, you healed yourself. You are your own hero. And after that, your world will no longer be bland. You will learn to make yourself the brightest source of light in your own world. You will love yourself so much that you won’t need another person around you to make you feel wanted or to make you feel beautiful. You are going to become your own greatest strength because you’ve survived. Don’t be so hard on yourself, i know, somehow, they changed you and changed the way you look at love. But don’t equate everyone else who comes into your life to them. Not everyone is the same. Darling you are a survivor, you are your own greatest hero. And I’m proud of you.

This is for anyone who has gone through, or is going through such circumstances. It might look like you have no hope right now, but trust me, the light will shine.


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